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N.Y.N.O Defense and Civil Consulting Ltd. is a company specializing in providing consulting, planning and implementation services of unique and qualitative solutions in the field of facility security, personal security and intelligence services tailored to government bodies, local authorities and business entities.

The company was founded and ismanaged by Oren Ben Ari, a fighter and commander with extensive experience in SF &SO (Special Forces & Special Operations) with the aim of providing its customers with the most comprehensive professional response in each of its areas of expertise in both the security and civilian consulting industry

N.Y.N.O – areas of specialization

N.Y.N.O. is a highly accomplished company, fully equipped with professional and practical expertise in a wide range of security and civilian security areas. All the company’s services are facilitated and based on the supreme specialized knowledge and practical experience of the company’s staff. The company and its staff implement the most advanced specific technologies –  positioning the company as a leader in innovation in the security and civilian consulting industry in Israel and around the world.

The company’s technological advantage in the field of security and civilian consulting, combined with real-world experience and creativity in safety and security operations, allows its customers to benefit from a wide range of specialized services that are fully customized to all their safety, security and intelligence needs.


API exporter

Approved by the Ministry of Defense

Work experience

Experience with international large organizations

Field experience

Experience of 30 years In the Special Ops and Special forces units as senior commanders


20 years of military and semi-military scenarios, analysis and training Experience


N.Y.N.O's vision is the place we aspire to and is embedded in the way the company operates, and in the mind of its employees

Core Values

Our Core Values are the compass of the company and the employees


The company’s services include, among others:

  • Securing facilities (physical and technological)
  • Personal security for government bodies and state organizations alongside personal security services for citizens
  • Establishment of special security units while training unit employees in reconnaissance, surveillance detection and operational driving
  • Establishment of command and control rooms with an emphasis on assimilating a methodology adapted to all the security needs of the building / organization
  • Professional training in the military domain and the world of HLS
  • Business intelligence services for companies and organizations

Our professional capabilities. Your peace of mind

At N.Y.N.O, we put a strong proficient emphasis on integrating advanced technologies alongside in-the-ground practical experience. the service is implemented in full synchronization between the technological systems and the physical security/intelligence mechanisms.

Among other key features that distinguish the company’s services you can find:

  • Firsthand practical experience – all of the company’s employees are former members of the defense establishment, with more than 20 years of experience in the security world and in the security and civilian consulting industry – enabling full integration of both overt and covert security operations.
  • A wide range of qualitative and unique end-to-end solutions – the service solutions offered by the company are adapted to any intelligence and/or security challenge of any type and size. These solutions are based on the company’s technological superiority compared to other consulting firms operating in the field. 
  • Research, analysis capabilities and recommendation – the company’s services are based on security surveys and risk mapping while conducting in-depth analysis of the research findings and providing recommendations on relevant operative actions.
  • Creativity and technological innovation – each of the company’s services is implemented using advanced civil technologies in the field of satellites and other technological means. 

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